Students in the Religion Program

Recent Senior Project Titles

  • 2017 Senior Projects

    BRIGID NELL BOLL                                                                                         

    Religion: “Image of Yoga: Instagram, Identity, and Western Imagination”

    Project Advisers: Richard H. Davis and Laura Kunreuther

    Theater and Performance: “Procedure to Exit an Enclosed Space: A Story in Six Parts”

    Project Adviser: Jean Wagner


    NICOLE B. CARROLL                                                                                       

    Religion: “‘What Is to Be Done?’ Contesting Modernity in Sayyid Qutb and Ali Shariati’s Islamic Revival”

    Project Adviser: Tehseen Thaver


    RAJDEEP SINGH DOSANJH                                                                             

    Religion: “Guru Nanak: Life, Lessons, and Relevancy”

    Project Adviser: Bruce Chilton

    ELLA KIT VANDERGAW SCOTT                                                                         

    Religion: “The Holy Ghoul and Lalla: Bhakti and Medieval Poetics”

    Project Adviser: Tehseen Thaver

    Written Arts: “Landscapes which are actually words”

    Project Adviser: Robert Kelly

  • 2016 Projects
    DONALD EVAN KANOUSE                                                                                
    Religion: “Old-Time Quiet in a Breathless Age: Faith, Virtue, and the Strength of the Social Gospel at Trinity-Pawling School”
    Project Adviser: Richard H. Davis
    ABIGAIL JULIETTE LABRECQUE                                                                    
    Religion: “Uninhibited: Redefining and Relocating Rudolf Otto’s Dichotomous ‘Holy’”
    Concentration: Theology
    Project Adviser: Bruce Chilton ’71, Tehseen Thaver
    AMELIA MONSON PARKER                                                                          
    Religion: “Forty Days, Forty Nights: A Pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela”
    Project Adviser: Bruce Chilton ’71
    RUADHAN DAVIS WARD                                                                                  
    Music and Religion: “‘It’s Getting Gangsa Up In Here’: Balinese Gamelan in the Western Academy,” an ethnography of Balinese gamelan at Bard and the ways in which the cultural and musical practices morph in a new environment
    Project Adviser: Maria Sonevytsky
  • 2015 Senior Projects
    GRACE VARADA BRANDMAIER                                                                            
    Religion: “Patriarchy and the Power of Myth: Exploring the Significance of a Matriarchal Prehistory”
    Concentration: Gender and Sexuality Studies
    Project Adviser: Richard H. Davis
    HANNAH CLARE DURHAM                                                                        
    Religion: “Sangha and State: An Examination of Sinhalese-Buddhist Nationalism in Postcolonial Sri Lanka”
    Project Adviser: Richard H. Davis
    ERIN AUGUST KELLY                                                                        
    Religion: “From Ritual Purification to Mutilation: A Case Study of Evolving Discourses on Female Circumcision”
    Project Adviser: Tehseen Thaver
    CARL ALEXANDER MEYER                                                                           
    Religion: “Locating Nepali History in the Last Asal Hindustan”
    Project Adviser: Richard H. Davis
    Oboe Performance (B.Mus.): Telemann: Fantasies for Flute without Bass, Op. 1 and 6; Doráti: Duo Concertante; Zelenka: Sonata for Two Oboes, Bassoon, and Continuo, Op. 6
    Principal Teacher: Elaine Douvas
    KUNSANG PALMO                                                                                          
    Religion: “Tibet for Sale”
    Project Adviser: Richard H. Davis
    ROSE SACHI TANTRANON-SATO                                                                      
    Religion: “Namaste, Bitches: An Examination of American Yoga in the 21st Century”
    Project Adviser: Richard H. Davis
    CARTER ISAAC VANDERBILT                                                                    
    Physics: “Constructing the Quantum Steering Ellipsoid Using State Measurement of Biphotons”
    Project Adviser: Matthew Deady
    Religion: “A Story of Sacred Spaces: Tracing the Development of Early Buddhism through the Practice of Pilgrimage”
    Project Adviser: Richard H. Davis
  • 2014 Senior Projects
    EVAN DUNN                                                                                                          
    Human Rights and Religion: “A Republic of Insects and Grass, Angels and Demons: Cosmic Racism and Violent Theodicies in New Religious Movements of the Atomic Age”
    Project Adviser: Kristin Scheible
    WILLOW FLORENCE FITZGERALD                                                       
    Religion: “Seeds and the Sacred: The Role of Ritual and Myth in Pawnee Agriculture”
    Concentration: Theology
    Project Adviser: David Nelson
    CHARLOTTE N. GORANT                                                                            
    Religion: “Tambula Rasa: The Exchange of Betel in Kishangarh Miniature Paintings of Krishna and Radha”
    Project Adviser: Richard H. Davis
  • 2013 Senior Projects
    RYAN JAMES BLAIR                                                                                    
    Religion: “Structuring Texts: A Comparative Study of Two Classical Muslim Jurists’ Works of Islamic Law”
    Project Adviser: Mairaj Syed
    ADAM CHRISTOPHER FLOWERS                                                                             
    Religion: “Thematic and Syntactic Structural Analyses of the Medinan Suras of the Qur’a¯n”
    Project Adviser: Mairaj Syed
    LAURA GRISCOM                                                                                         
    Religion: “Painting Kali with Blood: Red as the Beauty and Power of the Dark Goddess”
    Project Adviser: Kristin Scheible
    Studio Arts: “Blanket Statements”
    Project Adviser: Kristin Lucas
    DOMENIC BROOKS HUTCHINS                                                                       
    Philosophy and Religion: “Kierkegaard’s Ethical Critique of Hegel and His Literary Experimentation with Communicating Ethical and Religious Knowledge”
    Project Adviser: Daniel Berthold
    CHRISTINE SHELBY PFISTER                                                                 
    Religion: “Fish Eye Stories,” an experimental documentary exploring the use of Hindu mythology to create personal identity in Madurai, India
    Project Adviser: Kristin Scheible
    ANTHONY MICHAEL RICCIO                                                                         
    Religion: “The Abrahamic Mind: Narrative Cognition in Islamic Education”
    Project Adviser: Richard H. Davis
    LORELEI SIMONE TRAMMELL                                                                         
    Religion: “The Centrality of the Temple Mount in the Construction and Destruction of the Narrative of Church of the Holy Sepulchre as New Jerusalem,” an examination of the shared biblical precedents for building the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and the Dome of the Rock
    Project Adviser: Bruce Chilton ’71
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